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Windows Server 2016 compatibility with McAfee products
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Last Modified:  9/26/2019


Multiple McAfee business and enterprise products

Microsoft Windows Server 2016


McAfee is committed to supporting the Microsoft release cadence for Windows Server 2016. We are working closely with Microsoft to make sure that McAfee software and hardware products are fully compatible with Windows Server 2016.

To make sure release quality, all new releases that Microsoft publishes for Windows Server 2016 require full validation by the individual product teams. Our goal is to provide zero-day support for all Windows Server 2016 releases, over time, for those products that do not currently offer this cadence.

Schedule changes might occur because of:
  • Late-breaking changes that Microsoft implements to a release,
  • Unresolved compatibility issues raised by McAfee with Microsoft around a scheduled release. 
Schedule changes are documented in this article. Additional information about Windows Server 2016 support for McAfee products is sent via standard communication methods including the Support Notification Service (SNS).

Recent updates to this article
Date Update
September 26, 2019 Removed MAR 1.x (EOL).
July 9, 2019 Added Management of Native Encryption 5.0
April 4, 2019 Removed End of Life (EOL) Database Security products.
February 11, 2019 Added support information for McAfee Active Response 2.3.0.
January 23, 2019 Minor formatting updates. No content changes.
December 18, 2018 Updates to Database Security.

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  • Future release dates are subject to change.
    NOTE: Any future product functionality or releases mentioned in the Knowledge Base are intended to outline our general product direction and should not be relied on, either as a commitment, or when making a purchasing decision.
  • GA = General Availability
  • RTS = Released to Support, also called Managed Release. Contact the Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Support Account Manager (SAM) if you want to participate in a Managed Release program.
  • For details about the product release cycle, see KB51560.
McAfee Products Windows 2016 Standard
Minimum Supported Version
Windows 2016 Datacenter
Minimum Supported Version
Endpoint Protection Products
McAfee Active Response 2.3.0 (GA) 2.3.0 (GA)
Application and Change Control 8.1.0-179 8.1.0-179
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint 11.0.300 11.0.300
Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.2 (GA)
10.1.2 (GA)
10.2 (GA)
10.1.2 (GA)
Host Intrusion Prevention (Host IPS) 8.0 Patch 8 (GA) 8.0 Patch 8 (GA)
SiteAdvisor Enterprise (SAE) 3.5 Update 5 (GA) 3.5 Update 5 (GA)
Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) Module for VirusScan Enterprise 1.0.2 (GA) 1.0.2 (GA)
VirusScan Command Line Scanner (VSCL) 6.1 (GA) 6.1 (GA)
VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8 Patch 8 Hotfix 1159675 3 8.8 Patch 8 Hotfix 1159675 3
VirusScan Enterprise for Storage 1.3.0 (GA January 2018) 1.3.0 (GA January 2018)
Database Security Products
Database Activity Monitoring (Standalone Management) 4.6.0 (GA) 4.6.0 (GA)
Database Activity Monitoring (ePO Management) ePO 5.3.3 (GA) ePO 5.3.3 (GA)
Vulnerability Manager for Databases (Standalone Management) 4.6.0 (GA) 4.6.0 (GA)
Vulnerability Manager for Databases (ePO Management) ePO 5.3.3 (GA) ePO 5.3.3 (GA)
Data Center Protection Products
Management for Optimized Virtual Environment (MOVE) Multi-Platform 4.5 (Dec 2016) 4.5 (GA)
Data Protection Products
Drive Encryption (DE) 7.2.0 (GA)
DE 7.1.3 HF1148978
7.2.0 (GA)
DE 7.1.3 HF1148978
File and Removable Media Protection (FRP) 5.0.2 2 5.0.2 2
Management of Native Encryption (MNE) 5.0, 4.0 5.0, 4.0
Security Management Products
Data Exchange Layer (DXL) 2.0.0 (GA) 2.0.1 Update 1 (GA)
McAfee Agent (MA) 5.0.4
4.8.0 Update 3
4.8.0 Update 3
Policy Auditor Agent (PA) 1 1
Rogue System Detection 5.0.4 5.0.4
Web Protection
McAfee Client Proxy (MCP) 2.1 (GA) 2.1 (GA)
Mail Gateway Protection
McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint 4 3.5 3.5
McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange (MSME) 4 8.5.1 8.5.1
McAfee Security for Lotus Domino 4 7.5.3 7.5.3
1 For the Policy Auditor Agent, the November 2016 content update is needed.
2 IMPORTANT: FRP is not supported on Windows Servers; the reference in this table is used only for network share testing.
3 VSE 8.8 Patch 8 Hotfix 1159675 is not supported when Windows Server 2016 is installed in either Server Core or Nano Server mode. For details of a known issue, see KB88819.
4 Windows 2016 versions are supported except Windows 2016 Server Core.

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