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Increased system requirements with VirusScan Enterprise DAT updates
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Last Modified:  4/7/2017


McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8
McAfee DAT files

For details of VSE 8.8 supported environments, see KB51111.


This article contains important information from Product Management for VSE about issues with DAT updates.


DAT updates can fail due to insufficient resources being available on the end node
Resources such as disk space and available memory are essential for a successful update. The product development team has discovered that updates are failing due to insufficient available resources even though the systems meet the original system requirements. This has been confirmed in customer environments as well as in internal testing.


Increases in DAT file sizes
The original minimum requirements to use VSE can become outdated because of changes and developments in the field necessary to deal with malware. Over time, DAT signature files have increased considerably in size and can continue to increase because of the ever-evolving malware threats in the field. Therefore, a tipping point of resource availability and resources required to complete an update might be reached. This tipping point can vary from one environment to the next and can be influenced by the tasks or workload of the specific node.


The VSE product development team is committed to providing effective protection against the multitude of malware threats in the wild today. Malware writers continue to introduce new threats every day, which require us to add more data to our signature files. The product development team is pursuing initiatives to reduce the DAT size, but these are mid-term to long-term goals. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you increase available resources for your endpoints.

As of March 2012, the latest revised minimum and recommended system requirements for VSE are:
Pentium class processor
Pentium IV class processor or higher
Physical RAM  
512 MB 
1 GB or more
Hard drive 
  NOTE: Low memory will result in updates taking longer to complete.              
Hard disk  


1 GB or more free space
  NOTE: Insufficient disk space will stop VSE working as expected.

For additional information on supported environments, see KB51111.

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